Don’t like to be left… ALONE••

What is it like being ALONE?

Ask a Verdure this question! We, the humans, the silent and secretive creatures don’t expect our love to let us go away yet ask them to go away; 

Do you what expect every person to read your mind? Nah.. You don’t! Right!!?

Ask anyone to leave in anger but pray in silence for them to come back; please us; comfort us; embrace our soul; be on our side and be only on our side! 

So boorish WE are! 

Wisdom lies in TOGETHERNESS! Wisdom lies in INTER-DEPENDENCE!

Learn to walk around the fields clothed with verdure in midsummer and you know the happiness of being together ~ NO MATTER WHAT! 

Never let the plant grow alone! If so the plant feels lonely JUST LIKE YOU you’re loved one left you…

The green grows better when together; Like YOU – HOOMAN! The green needs COMPANION to grow; Just like YOU..!

You can’t help the whole world, maybe! So, you can’t nourish all plants on earth! But you definitely can nurture the one around you; surrounding you..!


Discovering Souls

Have you ever come across a plant that got you emotionally rugged?

Ever thought of the pain and the struggle a plant goes through to survive? 

Ever experienced the retaliation from the plant beings? Or did you ever try talking to them?

Don’t you ever get busy with the corporate latter-day events. Don’t ever be too fast to be upto the minute in the newfangled and progressive present times opposed to the past, that you forget even plants talk, plants have souls too!

We’re all what nature and nurture have made us. Raise a plant for the plant will foster you. Communicate silently and telepathically with the green and the green will show you the way of life, for it’ll help you explore your passion and explore yourself.

Dance in all the galaxies as you care for the plants. Discover the soul within you by discovering the soul you tried reaching out to. Discover the soul in every being you come across in your life. 

Revive yourself by discovering the soul within you and the soul in everything you come across and rediscover the purpose of your life!

It doesn’t take much time to raise a plant and nurture yourself

Love ~ Nature ~ YOU

You are shifting to a place of greater appreciation of the human condition.  When you move away from real love and self-awareness, you are in a state of illness or imbalance.  Without discomfort and disruption, you are not invited to move into higher levels of consciousness.  You begin to notice Mankind is growing kinder and more compassionate because you are turning inward, engaging dormant senses to experience something other than what the mind knows.  The inner journey helps you notice different kinds of love perceived by the mind to rediscover the truest love of pure consciousness in the heart.

Nature is one such intimacy that bounds us with affection. Rediscover yourself by getting closer to the nature and Universe.