Don’t like to be left… ALONE••

What is it like being ALONE?

Ask a Verdure this question! We, the humans, the silent and secretive creatures don’t expect our love to let us go away yet ask them to go away; 

Do you what expect every person to read your mind? Nah.. You don’t! Right!!?

Ask anyone to leave in anger but pray in silence for them to come back; please us; comfort us; embrace our soul; be on our side and be only on our side! 

So boorish WE are! 

Wisdom lies in TOGETHERNESS! Wisdom lies in INTER-DEPENDENCE!

Learn to walk around the fields clothed with verdure in midsummer and you know the happiness of being together ~ NO MATTER WHAT! 

Never let the plant grow alone! If so the plant feels lonely JUST LIKE YOU you’re loved one left you…

The green grows better when together; Like YOU – HOOMAN! The green needs COMPANION to grow; Just like YOU..!

You can’t help the whole world, maybe! So, you can’t nourish all plants on earth! But you definitely can nurture the one around you; surrounding you..!


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